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writer and director: carlos graña
music: once we were (hooligans) by new diplomat
director of photography: richard jett
editor: derick shaw
key grip: matte scott
makeup: maria christina costa
cast: trevor hewitt, sherman koltz, mary jane lawless, melby mathew

concept: with this song, i saw a man fall repeatedly onto a huge projection screen of his life and relationship. i saw him fall deeper and deeper underwater. along with that vision, i interpreted and followed the lyrics: he stands on deck beneath a storm of fights with his love; he almost loses her - along with himself - when he falls into the deep; he finds refuge at the bottom, and drinks; when everything is practically lost, he recalls his promise of never giving up on her, and awakens - or does he?

production: we shot at six locations in and around san francisco: the circus center, the home of our gracious friends kate and shane, john paul's boat in sausalito (thank you sailing education adventures), cailin and david's pool, the oakland metro opera house, and the spectacular law office of kirkland & ellis. with a minuscule budget - mostly for the circus center - we again relied heavily on the willingness and generosity of friends, including scuba instructor wayne mitchell for the main underwater shots, taken in monterey bay. thank you all very, very much.

special thanks:
Scuba instructor and videographer Mitch at
Chris and acrobatics crew at
JP for his sailboat at
Maria and the law firm at
Rafael for harnesses at

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